Predict and Analyse Different Scenarios

Deciding which option is the best is not easy, with the cost of error often too high to bear.

PADS lets you simulate multiple scenarios and reports which one has the best return, chance of success, or whatever your success criteria is.

Comparing these simulated scenarios gives the best possible confidence that the option you decide on has the best chance of success.

The ultimate business decision tool

Don’t just predict the future, shape it.

Build and run simulated scenarios

Model all feasible future scenarios and see how they might behave before physical implementation.

Rerun the past to learn for the future

But you can also replay and experiment with the past, to see what you could have done better.

Compare past or future scenarios

Compare the best scenarios to support operational, planning & business decisions.

Visualise and shape the Future

Predict and Analyse Different Scenarios, then pursue the one that works best.

How to work your timeline.

Core Team

A multi-disciplined team with decades of combined experience in analytics, process improvement, change management, business intelligence, simulation modelling and virtual reality.


Product and Consulting


MD & Strategy


Modelling & Analysis